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How it began?

In 2021, the Journalist Association of Bhutan (JAB) and OxMedia & Consultancy, a local private firm conducted citizen journalism training in some remote communities like Bardo Gewog in Zhemgang, Bumdeling in Trashiyangtse, Mendrelgang and Doonglagang in Tsirang and Lingzhi in Thimphu. 

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While the project was funded by HELVETAS, JAB felt the need to take the initiative beyond the project to empower ordinary citizens and give them a voice. 

Where the mainstream media cannot reach, citizens can play the role of a journalist.

A social media group was created with the participants of the training programme, who will share stories from their communities. However, this platform can be used by anyone interested to write and contribute stories and articles.

These stories will be documented in this website.

What we want?

Breaking news, current affairs, opinion pieces, picture and video stories on any issues and topics including politics, economy, development, governance, environment, social and community issues. Every citizen is a reporter, therefore any one can contribute. We prefer voices from the remote communities with little access to mainstream media. 

Our Team

News reporting and writing is a specialized skill. When ordinary citizens report on certain issues, they are often confronted with ethical dilemmas and other technical aspects of journalism, which comes with training.

Articles received from our contributors will be carefully vetted and edited by two professional journalists with over 10 years of experience. While articles will be presented in journalistic writing, facts and information will be examined thoroughly. We will reflect the bylines along with photographs of the contributing writers. 

Want to have your voice heard? Then write to us;

Nidup Gyeltshen – Editor 

Email: nidupgyel509@gmail.com

Tshering Dorji – Editor 

Email: tsreedorji@gmail.com



The Journalists’ Association (JAB) of Bhutan is a non-political and non-profit organisation formally launched in February 2012.
Among many others, JAB’s overarching mandates are to promote professionalism in the field of journalism, uphold freedom of expression and media, protect and promote the right to information, maintain high ethical standards in the practice of journalism and protect journalists from hazards such as threats, harassments, litigation etc.
OxMedia & Consultancy is a local media, communication and research consulting firm founded by two financial journalists. It provides a range of services including writing, editing, branding, advocacy, PR, multimedia and digital marketing .