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Latsho returns to Mendrelgang after 3 decades

  • By Nim Dorji, November 24, 2021

Some three decades ago, a pair of lake (Latsho) sought refuge on scenic hill atop Tashipang chiwog in  Mendrelgang gewog, Tsirang. They are believed to be a couple and the lakes radiated a milky texture which the locals supposed to be a divine manifestation.

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A gorgeous pair of swan is also said to reside in male and female lake (Pho and Mo). Legend has it that the lakes bestowed the community with bountiful harvest and prosperity. According to some elders in the gewog who came on resettlement program some 30 years ago, hunters in the locality trapped the pair of birds and slaughtered them. Consequently, the pair of water bodies also disappeared from the locality swiftly.

Until today, locals in the community has been conducting rituals, consecrating and cleaning the area in hope that the lakes would return one day. 

After 30 long years, people’s prayers are finally being heard. Recently, the lakes started to revive. According to a hermit (Tshampa) who has been putting up in the area for five years observed water level rising and informed a few community members.

“We could not identify which of the two are male or female but water level on one lake is at the brink while other is still rising,” said one of the villagers who went to see the lakes. 

The teachers and students from the Mendrelgang school has also helped in clearing the bushes and cleaning the area. Today, the place looks more serene and the number of visitors is increasing by the day.

“It is absolutely magical given the amount of rainfall at this time of the year and it definitely is a good omen,” said an elderly in the village.